Simple Website Privacy Policy - Businesses aimed at individuals and small businesses

For simple websites which are only collecting basic personal information and may have cookies

What you need to know

Every website needs a privacy policy setting out how personal information is used.

Do you know what you should include in a privacy policy?

Do you know how to write a privacy policy in an easy to understand way?

Business owners struggle to understand what they should be saying in a privacy policy, what is required by the legislation and how best to show how the information is used. We look at so many privacy policies where the information is incorrect or poorly presented.

Our template has sections on social media, Facebook ads, signing up to a newsletter and feedback via surveys.

Save yourself the time and hassle working it out for yourself by using our template.

Not sure what you need to include on the document
We know that sometimes template documents can be confusing to know what you need to take out and what to say. We make it easy by providing a video taking you through the changes step by step. If a video is not how you like to work, there is also an audio track and a text document leading you through how to make the changes.

And if you are still stuck, there is email support to help you get it right.

We continually respond to the changing environment and the sections businesses require in their privacy policy so we update the template on a regular basis. 

Course Curriculum

Lesley Cooley

Meet Lesley, your guardian for data protection and information security. With an extensive 18-years experience as a Data Protection Officer, Lesley's expertise has been essential for the not-for-profit sector and SMEs, along with the Market Research Sector.

But Lesley is not just about qualifications; she's a master at simplifying complex processes and crafting tailor-made solutions for each client. With a solid background in process improvement and a formidable Information Security Qualification, Lesley ensures that every piece falls into place seamlessly.

Adding to her skills, Lesley holds a Level 5 executive coaching and mentoring qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management. This means she can guide your teams as they navigate necessary improvements to systems, processes, and policies.

What's more, Lesley is a certified risk manager, making her the perfect match for our ISO clients. She understands the art of risk mitigation and ensures that your business evaluates its risks and puts mitigation into place. 

And when it comes to change management, Lesley is your go-to expert. With qualifications as a change manager, she knows how to orchestrate effective transformations within teams and keep them focused on the end goal.

Lesley's impressive track record spans across countless organisations, where she has been key in supporting GDPR compliance and providing invaluable information security advice. She's your shield against the myriad threats that businesses face today, ensuring your peace of mind. Welcome to a safer, more secure future with Lesley by your side.

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